The Ice Rink @ Ice Glitz Productions



All persons entering or using the The Ice Rink at Ice Glitz Productions or its

facilities, do so entirely at their own risk (Skate at your own risk) and shall have no

claim for injury of any nature whatsoever against the owners, management & staff of

The Ice Rink at Ice Glitz Productions.

Like many sports Ice Skating can be dangerous

and we endeavour to minimise injury by professional supervision. In the unlikely

event of an accident The Ice Rink at Ice Glitz Productions will not be held

responsible for any loss or injury incurred regardless of its nature.


Any persons who may suffer from high blood pressure, have any back, neck, heart

or any other physical limitations should have a written clearance from their doctor

and copy provided to The Ice Rink at Ice Glitz Productions before participating in any ice

skating activities.

Pregnant women should not skate at any time.

The Ice Rink at Ice Glitz Productions 

reserves the right to refuse service or

admission to


Thank You & We hope you have a fantastic skating experience with us.